Vermont gardens in the Lake Champlain Valley, walk, view, relax or plan an intimate ceremony

Our ever-evolving private gardens are considered to be among Vermont's largest and are in color continuously from April until winter.

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Carved out of woods and wetlands, this very original garden is laid out on two levels. (Mouse over or tap most images below on this page to see additional images.)

The Upper Garden surrounds the house and includes a lavish display of spring bulbs and flowering shrubs.

The shade garden, shown above in late summer and spring, borders the driveway.

Small treasures in the rock garden provide such pleasure.

The rock garden and wildflowers greet you upon your arrival.

Beautiful conifers and other specimens make the gardens a year round delight.

Curving paths wind through an extensive collection of varied plantings including hostas, shrubs, and perennials...

...and then to open lawn.

A few beauties within the peony/rosebed.

Tulips grace the edge of the sunken wall garden.

Sit in the sunken wall garden and listen to the tumble of water from the fountain. The ornamental fish and frogs will amuse you. The stonework will impress you!

The sunken wall garden is the perfect site for a small intimate ceremony!

The spring and winter views of the sunken garden give you a sense of the stonework layout.

Annuals border one edge of the sunken wall garden.

Tulips border the edge near our home.

The banana tree in the sunken wall garden has grown over the years.

Enjoy our unusual "peacocks." Take in a mid-summer mix of day lilies and zinnias.

Pottery and planted containers are artfully placed throughout the gardens.

Lady Slippers compliment the shade plantings.

When snow meets garden.

The Lower Garden is reached by passing a terraced wall garden.

Stroll down woodland paths under a canopy of mature evergreens, underplanted with woodland flowers, ferns, and shrubs, to reach the trout pond at "camp."

Here collections of heather, ornamental grasses, damp-loving plants, conifers, and waterlilies have transformed a meadow into an abundant garden embracing a reflecting pond, a trout pond, and "camp," all enclosed in a canyon of woods.


The Lower Garden in late summer offers perennial pleasures.

Plan on spending part of your evening in the sunken garden. There are path lights and underwater pond lights that shimmer on the stone wall.

It's peaceful and romantic—we'll provide the glasses, you can bring the champagne!

You might even see some garden visitors!


Hello Marcia,

This is a somewhat delayed message from grey old England to say thank you so much for looking after us at your lovely B&B. I have been telling all our friends about the wonderful breakfasts you served us and everyone agrees that this is not at all the same as one would get at the local place in Margate. We also loved the camp by the pond, with its wonderful fires, great food and great company.

Thank you again, and if you are ever down in Kent, don't forget to come and look us up.

With kind regards,





Dear Marcia and Peter,

Just wanted to drop a line and thank you again for your hospitality... It's remarkable how even a 24-hour getaway can be so rejuvenating - but not surprising considering the setting and wonderful garden tour, delicious breakfast and good conversation.

Take good care,
Gina & Scott



"Thank you for opening your gardens and gardening soul to us last Wednesday. You, your husband and Paul have created something truly great. The layers of colors, textures and form present a rich experience of such symphonic power that to walk through your gardens is to tangibly feel what Beethoven or Mozart relate in the less tangible realm of the aural senses.

I was particularly moved by the ensemble near the driveway (the older part of your gardens). This setting is peace. The area around the lily pond is also exceptional. The harmonious collection of trees, shrubs and ground covers sets this area apart as a distinct place — a place which not only carries its own identity, but also evokes thoughts of other, un-nameable places."

Thomas Vieth
Artist living in
Williston, VT






Dear Marcia,

I was a guest at the Dine Around tour of your Hidden Garden. It was such a wonderful day and your gardens - truly hidden were so beautiful that I must tell you it was a wonderful experience. I hope to see your gardens again someday and it is a good thing I'm not close by to drop in and see the progress. Peter showed us the wonderful mossy hillside which was so emerald green in its pristine state and where you dream of another hanging garden. Thank you for sharing your garden with us. The lunch was delicious and the tent nestled beyond the trout pond at the end of your canyon a vivid memory. Thank you and appreciating your hard work.

Lucile Brink






Dear Marcia,

When I close my eyes, I often see your beautiful garden. It's certainly time that I told you so! Our Garden Club so enjoyed wandering your lovely paths with surrounding gardens. I couldn't find one weed - well it would have been lonesome. My garden looked pretty wild after yours. Your garden would be beautiful anywhere in the world...

Thank you, Marcia for your garden hospitality. We certainly loved our tour.

Betty Corvan
for the Vergennes Garden Club



Certified Wildlife Habitat, National Wildlife Federation


Dear Marcia,

I was fortunate enough to be in the group Boots Bridgman took through your gardens the other day and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed them. Their beautifully planned but casual charm gave me more pure delight than any other gardens I have visited. Thank you so much.

Middy Darrow












Marcia and Peter,

Thank you for a lovely and relaxing stay! It was exactly what Diego and I were looking for and we were thrilled that we were able to spend some real time here! Breakfast was excellent each and every morning - Thank you!

Emily & Diego




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