The Hidden Gardens' Labrador Retrievers

Be prepared for a joyous greeting by our friendly tail wagging Labrador Retrievers. They love company and hope the feeling is reciprocal!


Tessa joined our family in the Spring of 2015. She had been living with a breeder that had imported her from Bulgaria. Unfortunately, she has hip dysplasia and could not continue her show career. Tessa is very loving; her favorite pastimes are chasing balls and swimming. Sometimes she can be a little skittish with new people but she has greatly improved her B&B manners.


Jacob is finally starting to mature at four years old. But anyone who knows labs, they never really grow up. We've had great adventures with this young man! He loves, loves, loves the ball chucker... Jake is mighty cute with a calm temperament.


Acer is quite the character. Some say he has his "own agenda" or it could just be the chocolate factor. One way or the other, this handsome guy keeps us on our toes both at home and in the show ring! Acer is a Canadian Champion. His endearing personality along with big brown eyes wins over the hearts of all who meet him. Acer is an avid lover of life and he will be certain to entertain you with his special winning ways.

Barbeque time!
Tessa and Jacob feeling lucky at the barbeque!

Jacob, Tessa and Acer
Jacob, Tessa and Acer having a little powwow! (Or is it a nap?)

Jacob, Tessa
Tessa and Jacob enjoying some shade.



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