Vermont gardens in the Lake Champlain Valley, walk, view, relax or plan an intimate ceremony

Experience it for yourself!

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Located a short, downhill woodland walk away from our house, "camp" is a truly unique and special place to enjoy during the day and, especially, after dark.

During the day, bring a picnic or just relax in our Adirondack chairs near the fireplace...  Bring a book!

...and then take a swim, feed the trout, or simply float in the blissful stillness that surrounds the pond. The gardens continue...

In the evening, sit and listen to the tree frogs, watch the bats fly free, take a flashlight and walk the pond's edge to see crawfish, tadpoles and other neat aquatic life.

Some evenings we have bonfires, roast marshmallows and enjoy S'Mores. Most of all, go to "camp" to listen to the quiet, be peaceful and let your mind and body relax and forget the stress of your daily life. Camp can't be explained—it must be experienced!


Dear Marcia and Peter,

Thank you so much for opening up your amazing gardens for Dine A Round. I have never seen private gardens equal to yours! There is just such a personal touch in every bed. I especially loved the lower gardens and your "camp" near the trout pond. Sitting under the tent, gazing at the view, and eating that delicious food – I was just in seventh heaven.

I really felt that this year's group greatly enjoyed the tour. I saw people taking notes, asking questions, and just marveling over the harmony of the space.

Once again, thank you so much.

Natalie Neuert,
UVM Lane Series




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