Snowden Hill Rompin the Garden


Notable Wins/Accomplishments

WD/BOW, 1st Open Chocolate, 01/31/10, under Judge Christine Pollender-Calcinari, Glens Falls Kennel Club

 RWD, 2nd Open Chocolate, at a Major, 01/16/10, under Judge Thomas Baldwin, Greater Lowell Kennel Club

1st Open Chocolate, 10/23/09, under Judge Valerie Walters (Ranbourne Labradors), Central Ohio Labrador Retriever Club

RWD, 1st Open Chocolate, 08/23/09, under Judge Don L. Evans, Great Barrington Kennel Club

1st Open Chocolate, 08/22/09, under Judge Charles L. Olvis, Newton Kennel Club

WD, 1st Open Chocolate, 08/20/09, under Judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club

RWD, 1st Open Chocolate, 08/15/09, under Judge Norman L. Patton, Wachusett Kennel Club

WD/BOW, 1st Open Chocolate, 08/16/09, under Judge Howard Falberg, Wachusett Kennel Club

2nd Open Chocolate Dogs, 07/25/09, under Judge Jeff Gilmore (Borowick Labradors), Eastern Ontario Labrador Breeders Association, Canada

WD/BOW, 07/04/09, under Judge Fred Heal, Chateauguay Valley Kennel Club, Canada

1st Am-Bred Chocolate Dogs, 04/08/09, under Judge David Richard Craig (Davricard Labradors), 2009 Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac Specialty
Critique:  "Pierce's Snowden Hill Rompin the Garden, good type dog who excels in correct balance, good bone, tight feet, big ribs, correct double coat of right texture, sound mover, would just prefer a darker eye colour which would enhance the expression."

WD/BOW, 12 & Under 18 Months, 01/24/09 under Judge William Gunn, Glens Falls Kennel Club

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